Leonardo Le San

Leonardo Le San Biography

Celebrated pianist and composer Leonardo Le San has had a distinguished career of
performances, appearances, awards, and citations in newspapers, magazines, TV broadcasts as
well as artist recordings. Le San has been able to bring to his live concerts a youthful audience
and people from diverse backgrounds.

Recent Performances
Leonardo Le San has performed in many prestigious settings. In April of 2012 he will be
featured as solo pianist and composer at the Lincoln Center’s Kaufman Center presented by
the Association of Critics for Entertainment (ACE) in New York City. Additionally, ACE
presented Leonardo as solo pianist/composer at the Gershwin Theatre in 2011. Le San will
present a concert in June 2012 for students at the Steinway Recital Hall in Philadelphia where
he will feature young piano students of various age groups. Throughout 2011 Leonardo also
performed for young people’s concerts at the Music Training Center’s Theater in Pennsylvania.
He recently made his Carnegie Hall debut in New York City in 2010. There, he presented a
solo piano concert in the Weill Recital Hall and performed works by Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt
and Rachmaninoff alongside some of his own compositions, including the world premier of his
Suite for Piano, The Voices of My Town. The pianist dedicated this concert to Colombia’s 200th
anniversary and to Frederick Chopin, whose bicentennial was also celebrated around the world in
2010. The Epoch Times recommended Le San’s concert as one of the newspaper’s “NYC Event

Also in 2010, Le San performed a private piano concert in Boston at the Harvard Musical
Association in celebration of Beethoven’s birthday and was invited to be the featured artist
to open the ceremony of the Fifth Annual New York’s Book-Expo at the Queens Museum
of Art. In Winter 2009, Le San performed a solo concert to a diverse full house comprised of
college students as well as people from many different parts of the city in the Ibrahim Theater at
International House Philadelphia.

Press and Awards
Le San has received notable national and international press coverage. Leonardo was featured
on Ecuador’s international television network Ecuavisa, where he was interviewed by
Christian Johnson. World Magazine published an article about Leonardo’s life story and career
development. This article was also highlighted by newspapers USA Today.com, Dallas Morning
News, San Diego Union- Tribune, Florida.com and on the National Public Radio’s “Arts and
Entertainment” web page in the United States. Value Diversity.org has also published some
of the artist’s video clips and shared updates about Le San’s career. In 2011, The Messenger
Magazine produced by University of Delaware published an article on Le San, titled, “Pianist-
Composer Enjoying Notable Success.” Le San appeared in the New Music Calendar for
NYC during the Months of May and June 2010. The same year, the television channel RCN
interviewed the artist and covered his New York City concert debut, airing the report on both
national and international programming. The artist has also been interviewed by journalist,
Jacqueline Donado, New York TV anchor Victor. J. Solano and Zenddy Caicedo from WFMZ,
Philadelphia newspapers El Sol and Impacto Latin News and many more.

In 2010, Le San was awarded the esteemed “El Award.” El Diario, La Prensa, the oldest
Spanish-language newspaper in the United States and largest Hispanic publication in NYC, gives
this award to the most outstanding and influential Latinos in New York’s Tri-State area.

Professional History
Le San’s first album was completed and sponsored by Ionian Productions in October 2006. It
features Le San’s performance of pieces by Beethoven, Liszt, Prokofiev, and Scriabin, and was
#1 in the Top Albums: Beethoven’s category on CD Baby in 2008. He also maintained a Top
20 ranking on iTunes (Mephisto Waltz listing) from 2008 to 2009 for his rendition of Liszt’s
Mephisto Waltz. This status comes alongside recordings of Liszt’s Mephisto Waltz by the
Berlin Philharmonic, Horowitz, and Rubinstein. He has also performed works by J.S. Bach,
Debussy and Prokofiev in recording workshops taught by Grammy Award-winning producer
Andreas Meyer.

In 2007, Le San appeared on the Colombian television network, Telecafe. He was chosen to
perform in celebration of the network’s 15th anniversary. First airing in 2008, the performance
has been rebroadcast 10 times by Telecafe to Europe, North America, and North Africa. It was
also available on Jumptv.com worldwide.

In 2006, Le San performed in Manizales, Colombia for the city’s 157th year anniversary at
the Teatro Fundadores (The Founders Theater). That same year, Le San toured Colombia,
performing seven solo recitals for thousands of children and breaking the record for mostattended
classical solo recital while playing at the Theater Santiago Londono in the city of
Pereira. In 2005, Le San performed at the Delaware Theater Company, opening the concert
for Grammy-nominated artist Regina Carter. He also performed a solo concert at the Clifford
Brown Recital Hall, where he served as Artistic Director and founder of the hall’s first Classical
Music Series.

Having studied piano with Christine Delbeau and composition with Dr. Jennifer Barker, voice
with Dr. Patrick Evans at the University of Delaware, and mentored by pianist-composer Dr.
Orlando Otey, Le San makes it a priority to perform and teach Classical music to young people,
and has also enjoyed performing in both private and public venues for children and the elderly
who are unable to attend concert halls.

As a composer, Le San’s works have been premiered by Canadian Soprano, Ashley Thouret,
Curtis and AVA staff pianist Tiziana Vieira and many more American young singers and
instrumentalists in the Philadelphia greater region.

Le San has worked on projects ranging from compositions for orchestra, lyric soprano, tenor,
and jazz ensembles to Irish music. He has also written works commissioned by Olivet PC-USA
for string quartet, flute, and piano. The artist’s sophomore solo piano album as interpreter and
composer, Fresh Eyes, was released in January 2012 by the Grammy nominated producer, Alex
Otey of Ionian Productions.